Giving Back

Our community is important! We believe in meaningful skills transfer both inside and outside of our company. Each month Potters Hand Activations supports The Lighthouse Baby Shelter, where unwanted or abandoned children are brought into a safe place and nurtured and cared for in a loving environment until they are fostered or adopted and move to their forever homes.

We have built relationships throughout the community with the last three year’s focus on St Ansgars Secondary High School. Through our efforts have enriched the lives of the over 800 pupils and 30 teachers through educational and spiritual upfliftment programmes. Our goal is primarily to bring hope but also to motivate learners, provide opportunities and create bridges for these learners beyond their schooling years, so that they become valuable assets to FET and learning institutions as well as future potential employers.

Current Successes & Future Plans

Current success stories include:

  • 9 Grade 11 and 12 learners being enrolled in the Dreamgirls Programme
  • Vodacom sponsoring a digital library which will create a love for reading
  • Successful sponsored Teachers workshop on understanding themselves and their learners better
  • An Awards Recognition Ceremony for the top 5 learners in each Grade which will take place three times a year
  • 150 Career assessments with the Grade 9 learners with upcoming EQ and value assessments lined up
  • An upcoming Career Expo for the Grade 8 – 12’s

Future plans include:

  • Life skills and computer skills workshops
  • Improving the school property / grounds
  • Spelling competition
  • School Play
  • Development of sports programmes
  • WITS learner and teacher development programmes
  • Ongoing spiritual mentorship